Thursday, October 1, 2009

IT’S OCTOBER! guess what that means…

you know what that means, right? no, you don’t. of course you don’t. but i’ll tell you. it means it’s getting colder. (you say “haha i knew that!”)

but it also means that Haleyknitz start’s knitting again (hence the knitz). so—i’m going to put a list of things up here that i want to make, and i’d love for you to tell me which one you want me to make first. (because i can never decide for myself.)

—do  i smell a giveaway of a special hand knit something-or-another coming up soon? *coughnovembercough* possibly…—

so: which would you like me to make?  (*coughwincough*)

*Scarf (chenille, wool, mix/match scarf…)
*Mittens (snowflakes? Christmas tree? Christmas flower?  idk, be creative.)
*Leg warmers (for all my dancer friends out there :D)

leave a comment and tell me!


ps—don’t forget to enter my giveaway of LOCKDOWN before October 20!


  1. I think that you should make a Hat or a Scarf or maybe both?

  2. A hat, a hat! I love knitted hats they are sooooo cool! :)

    coughIwantcough a hat.....LOL

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