IT’S OCTOBER! guess what that means…

you know what that means, right? no, you don’t. of course you don’t. but i’ll tell you. it means it’s getting colder. (you say “haha i knew that!”)

but it also means that Haleyknitz start’s knitting again (hence the knitz). so—i’m going to put a list of things up here that i want to make, and i’d love for you to tell me which one you want me to make first. (because i can never decide for myself.)

—do  i smell a giveaway of a special hand knit something-or-another coming up soon? *coughnovembercough* possibly…—

so: which would you like me to make?  (*coughwincough*)

*Scarf (chenille, wool, mix/match scarf…)
*Mittens (snowflakes? Christmas tree? Christmas flower?  idk, be creative.)
*Leg warmers (for all my dancer friends out there :D)

leave a comment and tell me!


ps—don’t forget to enter my giveaway of LOCKDOWN before October 20!