I never have enough time to read…

It seems like I never have enough time to read. for me, anyway. My mom seems to think I spend too much time reading. (what?) it feels like, because I have so much schoolwork i can’t seem to read everything I’d like to.

so I’ve decided that over Christmas Break (which is short for me, because I’m homeschooled :/) I’m going to read a book a day. (and hopefully write a review on it.) So I figured, why not host a challenge?

book a day 

that’s 15 books. I think I can do that…
so here’s my list. I’ll probably add/change it as I go.

  1. 12/14 A Christmas Carol (Special Edition)
  2. 12/15 A Blue and Gray Christmas, The Ghosts, The Eggheads, and the Babe Ruth’s Piano

**due to funky college stuff, it might be impossible for me to do this because my Christmas break was canceled. Yeah, Canceled… oh well. I can still try ;)**

You are more than welcome to join in this challenge! post it on your blog and leave a link in the comments, and I’ll start a list of who is participating with me right down here.


The True Book Addict





Good luck guys!!



And it’s not too late to join in!! if you join in late, just try to read a book a day, however many days that ends up being ;) 




sigh. FAIL. major. I ended up not taking a Christmas break last year… *tear* next time!!