Craft Wednesday—Decoupage Journal

So I’m a crafty person (if you haven’t already figured that out.)
so here’s my craft for Wednesday:

Decoupage journal.

journal front

1. go to and find some cute elements, paper, frames etc. they’re easy to download and free as free gets. they’re for digital scrapbooking.  open up your favorite on a Microsoft publisher page and print some out. you’ll have to resize them ;)

2. find an old journal, a composition notebook works really well.

3. cover the outside of the journal in the scrapbooking pictures. you can use tape or glue, but glue stick and hot glue works best. use pens or markers to decorate and add words if you like. i put pieces of my favorite songs.

4. glue a ribbon on the inside front and back so you can tie it shut.(optional)

5. cover the entire outside in clear packing tape.

journal two

(here’s the whole thing opened up.)

option b—use photographs to cover the notebook, and keep a journal for a year. bury it in a box and leave a map somewhere in your house. who knows who will find it 100 years from now…

ta-da! lovely. use it as a journal, a book-journal, a school notebook, whatever. the best part is, it’s incredibly cheap! all you need to buy is the notebook and the ribbon and the packing tape.

Make your own journal! then post the instructions on your blog with a picture of what you made, and leave it in the comments! or, tell me what you think of this project. do you have any suggestions for what you could use a journal like this for?


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